Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Style Hunters

I haven't been blogging this week at all, since I got this flu and been laying in my bed :((((
But I have been thinking about some post while that time.
So here is a trailer of a Russian movie "Stilyagi" (aka "Style Hunters"). The reason why I chose that video is that I want some of you to know that in 1950s people were so desperate for fashion and being cool and stylish (the name of that movie became from word "style") that they had to go through the civil war with soviet party's people, sometimes even being arrested. The story in this movie is 1950s Russia, in which there was a youth movement (as in any other country) that fought change with their style, behavior and music.
Just pay attention how this girl is an illusion of making "hot stockings" with her EYELINER. Major!!! Love it!

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  1. get well soon dear :)



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